Teenage DUI accusation

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Whether it is a DUI or a DWI, you need to face the consequences. If you are driving under the influence of drugs, you are putting at risk not only your life but also that of others. It is worse when you are involved in a passenger DWI. In that case, you are not only risking yourself but also the passenger in your car. However, the meaning and implications of DWI and DUI vary from state to state. In some states, the authorities call it DWI while in some other states the authorities call it DUI.  Although both of these are basically the same, there are some differences that can be termed as technical. So in some states DWI may mean driving under the influence of prescription drugs, recreational drugs etc. while DUI may mean driving under the influence of alcohol. In some states either DWI or DUI is used.


Whether it is a DWI or a DUI, there are a number of penal measures to deter people from committing such crimes. The measures vary from state to state, but not appreciably. However, the measures do vary depending on the extent of harm caused by a DWI or a DUI, the age of the driver and the state. If there is a severe accident and someone is killed, the driver may be sent to jail. If it is not that severe, the driver may be penalized with fines. Such fines can go up go few thousand dollars. However, if it is a teenage driver, the penalties are less severing. Nevertheless, underage DWI consequences are severe enough in some states to deter teenagers from drinking and driving.

Teenage DWI and DUI

If you are a teenager and are involved in a DWI or a DUI, depending on the state, you too may need to go to jail. In fact, you may need to spend about 2 years in jail for causing severe accidents. However, in case of adults, the jail term can go up to many more years. This fear of arrest deters many teenagers from committing a DWI or a DUI. This is one of the reasons that teenage DWI has seen a decline in recent years. Yet, there are a number of teenagers who drink and commit DUI or DWI crimes. If you are one of them you need to contact a qualified attorney as soon as you are involved in an accident.

The legal edge

Coming clean off a DWI conviction is not only costly but also a tardy affair. You need to have loads of patience to pursue the matter until the end. The matter may drag on for years. For teenagers, the process is not quite encouraging either. A qualified and experienced attorney who has dealt with different types of DWI cases is the need of the hour. If the incident happens in Texas, you need to call a DWI attorney Houston TX so that you can avoid the conviction in the first place. The process is really lengthy and costly after you are convicted.

Tips for preventing drunk driving

Drinking and driving is a very serious problem as well as an ethical misconduct that is a reflection of irresponsibility and lack of value for one’s own life and the safety of other people as well. When a person is drunk or is under the influence of some intoxicant the major issue that he faces is the impairment of judgment. A drunk person is not in his senses therefore, he cannot make any decision. Moreover, at times depending on the extent of drinking the person might even lose control of his limbs. There are many different ways to prevent drunk driving some of which are discussed in detail in this article:

  • Make Arrangements For A Driver Or A Cab:

If you know you are going out with friends or you are headed to a social event where you will be having a glass or two of wine, you should be responsible and arrange a driver to drive you there and back or should think about hiring a cab service. This is the most suitable answer to the question how to avoid a DWI during the holiday season? Making these arrangements in advance will also put you at ease as you can enjoy and have the best time of your life without worrying about getting too drunk or getting a DWI.

  • Do Not Drink On An Empty Stomach:

It is a proven fact that alcohol is way more dangerous and intoxicating if consumed over an empty stomach. When a person drinks on an empty stomach, the stomach has nothing to absorb other than the alcohol itself. Therefore the effects of the alcohol are increased significantly. Therefore to stay in control of yourself, you should avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

  • Hide The Keys:

If you find that a friend or family member is having too much of a good time and is drinking more than he should, your first instinct should be to hide his keys. This way he won’t be able to drive home and a DWI will be avoided.

  • Smaller Cups and Serving Size:

As a party host, it is always your concern to ensure the safety and well being of your guests. Therefore, if you are having a gathering at your place, it is advised to use smaller cups for serving alcoholic drinks. This way it is more likely for your guests to consume lesser amounts of alcohol and avoid getting a DWI.

  • Sleep Overnight:

One of the ways you can avoid getting a DWI is to stay over. If you feel that you have had a bit too much to drink and feel unconscious or dizzy, you can always ask your host to stay at his place for the night. This way you can stay safe and would not even have to rely on a driver or a cab service to reach home safely.

  • Be Aware:

One of the most basic steps for avoiding a DWI is to be aware of the legal protocols and rules such as can I keep my license after I get a DWI? What are the consequences of getting a DWI etc?

Best Personal Injury Lawyers for Automobile Accidents in New York

Life after automobile accident could be extremely tough, especially if you are the victim and suffered grievous personal injury. Here you need to pay attention to the procedure to be followed immediately after the accident. The first step is to call the police. They can charge the injured, collect his blood sample and get details about the license and contact details. They are helpful for your layer while pursuing the lawsuit. The police can also help identify witnesses ready to testify on your behalf. The next immediate step is to get emergency medical help. You may have to undergo treatment or surgery depending on the intensity of personal injury. Ask your family member to collect all the bills, diagnosis, treatment, medication and surgical reports from the hospital. They help in evaluating the compensation value to be claimed in the court of law.

auto accidents

The incidents of auto accidents can be successfully solved by the best personal injury lawyers in New York. You have to contact them immediately after you have recovered partly from the accident and you are able to communicate. Even otherwise one of your family members can take the initiative and contact the lawyer.

Post Accident Investigation

Your lawyer will be able to conduct a complete forensic investigation at the accident spot with the help of police. The earlier you contact him after the accident, the better are his chances of getting the unmistakable evidence.

  • He will be able to access the test reports of the injured driver and ascertain whether he was driving under influence. In such instances, the case will be considered as a negligent liability. If there are no such signs it can be considered as strict liability. Your lawyer can also conduct an investigative analysis of the vehicle driven by the injured to get evidence from the blood and tissue samples, broken parts and others. Meanwhile, he visits the accident spot and collects all possible evidence. At the same time, he will try and identify the witnesses and record their statements. If he comes across any obstacles during investigations, he can take the help of law enforcement authorities and ensure completion of investigation,
  • Your medical reports from the hospital will be helpful in assessing the nature, intensity and healing time of your injury. Your lawyer can get the information about post-treatment support and recovery time from the doctors. They will be helpful in calculating the number of days and amount of money you lose due to loss of income. After assimilating all the details and analysis, he will evaluate the compensation money to be claimed.

Probability of Winning Auto Accident Lawsuit

The efficiency and legal experience of the personal injury lawyer can ensure winning the lawsuit and getting you the compensation. You need to trust your lawyer and follow his guidelines without any sort of deviation. You need to assess your right from getting legal compensation by contacting the New York personal injury lawyer without hesitation and delay. This is the key to converting your lawsuit into justice.