Give your business a boost with Search Engine Optimization

Internet is shaping the world as we know it every moment of every day. Since its origin back at 90s it has evolved along with evolving all our lives with it and with it digital marketing has also evolved.Everywhere you look, online marketing has spread its wings like a web. Everything that you are looking for is available online. And what makes your business stand out among the crowd of a thousand more businesses? It is SEO or search engine optimization.

Connor PaddonSearch Engine Optimization

. According to onesurvey conducted by a website comScore,Global search regularly draws more than 100 billion searches every month.That means if your product is in demand and you want to create a global market for it, you have to take digital marketing very seriously. If you are running an online business, digital marketing and digital audience are the part of your deal which can give your business a much needed lift.It’s not hard to imagine that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such an essential part of online marketing and you just cannot ignore it.

How does SEO help in boosting your website?

If you want to make your website rank higher than other websites in the search engines and if you want to attract more traffic into your website you have to get it SEO optimized by a reliable SEO company, who will give your website an advantage while online audience searches for a keyword. This helps in making your website rank a lot more. If you are looking for a trusted SEO company which can help your website with SEO optimization, Connor Paddon has got your back. Theywill provide you with best help possible with their expert’s panel on the sector of Search Engine Optimization.

          Connor Paddonhas got the best solutions for all your problems related to Search Engine Optimization. It is only fitting that they call themselves SEO ninja. After all they are the master of creating new concepts in optimizing your business among the seas of thousands. Their expert team has created the “instant quote tool” API that has technically taken the SEO industry by storm.

Connor Paddon


Connor Paddon is a very young entrepreneur who are extremely energetic and always improvising about strategies that will make your business get a much needed boost.  Connor Paddonprovides you the solution to all your SEO needs at the most affordable price point. There are of expertise lies in mainly the areas of:

  • Consulting with e commerce marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating more APIs to create a better conversation with the clients. Also, follow his google plus updates here

All these facilities are available at the most affordable rates. You can book an appointment with them by leaving a request of call to them, which is available at an incredible rate of 5.83 USD per min. So go and grab your phone now because this phone call might change the course of you and your business. So get your website SEO optimized today.

Top 5 Scottsdale SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Rankings

SEO has become an essential marketing tool for better rankings of websites. It not only helps to increase website rankings but also to drive more traffic on online platforms. There are wide ranges of Scottsdale SEO practices that helps website to grow higher. However there are some SEO mistakes people make more often that affects the rankings of website. Here are those mistakes.

Scottsdale SEO Top 5 Scottsdale SEO Mistakes:

1.     Analytics are not important for SEO ratings:

Analytics are most important source to get accurate results of SEO to your website. These Analytics are followed and reviewed frequently. This enables user to identify the place where he needs to focus more to get better rankings. You may be perfect in all sections of Scottsdale SEO but the analytics will helps to ensure the mistakes.

2.     Never Copy Content:

Content is king to any website and SEO is treated as Queen. These words can perfectly suitable when you follow proper Scottsdale SEO techniques on your website. Unique content has more power and can last you for longer without any issues. This also helps your website to increase quality and user credibility. Unique content will always be interesting to users and they will stay long time in your website.

3.     Not Getting Right Keywords:

Keywords are the most important things to take best care in Scottsdale SEO. These are responsible to rank any website. Selecting right keywords not mean picking top searched words. You need to take combination of both high volume and low volume keywords. This helps old uses as well as new users to visit your website. The first thing in Scottsdale SEO is choosing right keywords that help to rank websites.

4.     Ignoring Title and Meta descriptions:

The Title and Meta descriptions are also essential for better rankings. These are not popular and only some people make use of them. The web crawlers flow from top to down direction starting with Title of page and Meta description. Hence you need to focus more on these parameters that helps your website indirectly. It is most recommended to never ignore title and Meta descriptions to your webpage. Tags helps user to identify that actual content of website. In the Scottsdale SEO Marketing Strategy Title and Meta tags are most important topics.

5.     Never Linking Content:

This is one of the most common mistakes people do while submitting articles. They never link content to other blogs or articles. Link building is most complicated strategy but works such effectively in better rankings. Both In-bound links and out-bound links will make user to stay in your website until he gets information. Most of the website owners will ignore link building strategy which is so important in Scottsdale SEO.

Scottsdale SEO

Hence these are the top 5 most common mistakes people perform on their websites. These mistakes will not only decrease the quality of website but also stops driving traffic.  Make sure you never do these mistakes again. Avoiding them will help to rank your website.

Dallas Digital Agency – Best Ever Online Link Building for Your Business

The role played by the Dallas digital agency in shaping the link building procedures is considered to be critical in the process of search engine ranking improvement. The experts can create blogs, forums, press releases, reviews and social network pages for your business entity and the products in your website. By integrating all these links with your main website, they are able to increase the relevance and the search engine connectivity in multiple ways. The other important aspect of link building is within your website pages. This method helps the simplified user navigation between the various pages without any hassles. The final link will be with the sitemap in your website. We can start with the analysis of the sitemap.

dallas digital agencyDallas Digital Agency   – Site Map Creation

Contrary to the popular belief, the sitemap in your website can be created at any point of time. In some instances the designers prefer to do it in the initial stages of website design. This is more like developing the database before commencing the design of the front end (programmers will know this concept). Then it is easier for the developers to go on linking all the pages in the website with each other through the sitemap.

There are many ways in which you can get the sitemap developed for your website. XML and PHP are the most commonly used tools. They can automate the dynamic linking of the web pages with the sitemap at run time. That means any new page you create and add to the website will be automatically liked and added to the sitemap. This is also helpful when you make any changes to the web page content and the links in them. The consistency in the sitemap updates can add a boosting factor to the ranking of your website among the search engines like Google. This is because the crawlers in the engine will look for the sitemap. Then they index all the pages connected to the sitemap. They also evaluate those pages and websites which don’t have a sitemap. However the speed and accuracy will naturally get reduced. Hence the experts at the Dallas digital agency will take care of all the measures to integrate the sitemap for your website at every stage.

Dallas Digital Agency – Internal Linking

 Using the text linking for the navigation can help the search engines remember all the related links within your website. When they come across a product or service search on the user input, they can immediately link them with your website and its various pages in runtime. This makes the digging out of your website link and connecting to the user search faster.

dallas digital agency

Dallas Digital Agency – External Links

At Dallas Digital Agency you can get the best of external links to the authority websites related to your products and services. They can create the links from the authority sides coming into your website, which is considered to be the best way of boosting your website’s search engine ranking within the shortest possible time.